Intensive Traininig Course

Intensive Traininig Course: Competitiveness of agri-food sector

Outcomes of the course:

Acquiring knowledge in the field of sustainable development of agricultural sector and rural areas, competitiveness of agriculture and investment analysis;  acquiring skills in Business plan creating.

Learning how to manage the digital marketing process of agri-food products based on the acquired knowledge; gaining skills on how to set digital marketing strategies and leverage online advertising tools for agri-food products.

Knowledge acquisition in the field of application of econometric methods and the ability of participants to perform independent quantitative estimations of various econometric models in the field of agribusiness.

Topics of the course:

  • Investment analysis in function of increasing of competitiveness of agri-food products

  • Digital marketing of agri-food products

  • Econometric modelling in agribusiness as tool for increasing of competitiveness

Syllabus_Intensive Traininig Course