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07 Jun 2023


The AgriCOM Challenge 2 final was held on Wednesday, June 7, 2023. Seven teams presented their solutions before the expert jury consisting of Ranko Jurjević (marketing agency Solution), Bojan Vilaret (company Gombit) and Bojan Matkovski (head of the AgriCOM project).

The first place was won by the team called PARTNERS IN SUCCESS, which consisted of: Jelena Miljević, Teodora Santrač, Mirta Živić, Aleksandra Makljenović and Ivana Maričić.

All participants were awarded certificates for attending the course and participating in the AgriCOM Challenge 2.

31 May 2023


The finals of the “AgriCOM Challenge 2” case study competition will be held in Novi Sad on June 7, starting at 10:00 a.m. in the building of the Rectorate of the University of Novi Sad – Multifunctional Hall II-13.

22 May 2023


Đokić D., Matkovski B., Jeremić M., Đurić I. (2022). Land Productivity and Agri-Environmental Indicators: A Case Study of Western Balkans. Land 11(12), 2216. (SCI. IF2021=3,905) ISSN: 2073-445X, M22

Due to the environmental radicalization of European politics, which is reflected in the European Green Deal, Farm to Fork strategy, and new CAP 2023–2027, this paper aims to determine the impact of agri-environmental indicators on soil productivity based on the land productivity function model. The paper focuses on the Western Balkans countries, which are in the process of European integration and which, in the coming period, need to harmonize their agricultural policy with the CAP. First, the aggregate Cobb–Douglas production function has been used to create a land productivity function. Then, the sources of land productivity growth have been calculated, which can be particularly interesting in the context of agri-environmental indicators, such as fertilizer use and livestock density. The research results showed that land productivity is the most elastic concerning changes in the number of livestock units per hectare. Consequently, reducing livestock units had a markedly negative effect on productivity. In addition, the research results showed that using mineral fertilizers is a crucial source of growth in land productivity in these countries. These results imply that the creators of the agricultural policy must carefully assess the pace at which they will harmonize ecological and economic goals, especially if they take into account the current Ukraine crisis that can disrupt the food market.

22 May 2023


Jurjević Ž., Zekić S., Matkovski B., Đokić D. (2022). Sustainability of Small Farms in Serbia: A Comparative Analysis with the European Union. Agronomy, 12(11), 2726. (SCI, IF2021=3,949) ISSN: 2073-4395, M21

Throughout the EU, small farms have varying degrees of importance, which points to the need to analyse the role of small farms. This study, in addition to EU countries, includes Serbia, a candidate country for EU membership. This study aims to provide an overview of agriculture’s structural characteristics by creating an Index of Agricultural Structural Characteristics (ASC Index). The analysis was carried out at the regional level, which provides a more detailed overview of the structural characteristics of agriculture in the EU and Serbia. The results indicate several regional differences in the EU along north–south and west–east divisions. Serbian agriculture is predominantly made up of small farms and corresponds to the southern model of European agriculture. In terms of the west–east division, Serbian agriculture also corresponds to the structure of Central and Eastern Europe countries (CEEC), with which it shares a historical heritage of a centrally planned economy. Changes in Serbian agricultural policy must be directed toward regions with unfavourable structural characteristics. Special attention should be given to small farms in cases where there is potential to improve competitiveness and where there is a good basis for improving the social sustainability of rural areas.

12 May 2023


Within the AgriCOM project in the period from 17.4. until 12.5.2023. workshops were held within the course Competitiveness of the agricultural and food sector of the countries of the Western Balkans. The workshops were led by Asst. Prof. Danilo Đokić, Asst. Prof. Žana Jurjević and Asst. Prof. Ksenija Leković.

05 May 2023


As part of the AgriCOM project, professional lectures by experts from Coca-Cola HBC Serbia and Neoplanta were held for students in Subotica.

19 Apr 2023


As part of the AgriCOM project, our colleagues in Subotica had the opportunity to learn about the production process from the companies Telek Paprika from Martonoš, Tisamed from Kanjiža, Kontakt from Adorjan.

18 Apr 2023


As part of the AgriCOM project, Miloš Tintor, director of the retail sector of the company Merkator, and Branislav Ćirić, co-owner of craft beer Zbir, gave professional lectures to students.